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About MBA

Set up in 2019 MBA builds robust and actionable programmes of evaluation and learning to meet policy makers and other delivery agencies needs.

I draw on around 28 years of experience in public policy / services research and evaluation.  During I have worked in range of applied settings (central and local government, think tanks and what works centres) as well as research settings (academia, research firms and as an independent  research and evaluation contractor).

I now work with a range of associates, companies and clients scoping, advising, designing and delivering evaluations in some of the most challenging circumstances.





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About Matt

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  • I am an experienced evaluator with over a twenty-five years’ experience in the scoping commissioning and delivery of evaluation and research related to government and public sector policies, programmes and services.

  • I have held senior research and evaluation roles at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS), the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Centre for Ageing Better and Kings College London.
  • I have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of evaluation approaches and methods. I advise on evaluation in different contexts including innovation settings,  pilots and trials, through to programme delivery environments. I have an excellent knowedge of impact evaluation approaches (including trials, QED, theory based and configurational approaches to measuring and understanding impact).

  • I have worked in both commissioning / managerial and evaluator roles that cover a wide range of policy and services – including health and health services, social care, energy and climate change, ageing and communities, arts and health, nature and the agricultural transition, housing and supported housing, economic policy and regeneration.

  • I have great social research skills. I have a MSc in Advanced Social Research Methods and Statistics from City University (2000) and have substantial experience in applying  qualitative and quantitative methods, sampling, data management and analysis.

  • I have highly developed consulting skills - I enjoy working with clients to ensure evaluative thinking helps them at the programme / policy design stage as well as learning throughout delivery.

  • I am an active member of the UK evaluation community. I am a member of the Council for the UK Evaluation Society, and a member of the European Evaluation Society. I was formerly a Trustee of the Social Research Association.

  • I work with a range of consultancies and individual evaluation associates

  • I invest in ongoing learning and professional development - through attending evaluation conferences, events and training. 

  • I adhere to UKES and SRA good practice guidelines and ethical standards, and comply with GDPR.


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