Current projects

Climate Action Leeds

Voluntary Action Leeds, Our Future Leeds (working with Leeds Love It Share It), Together for Peace and Leeds Tidal are taking forward an ambitious five-year programme of work funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund to contribute to the goal of creating a ‘zero-carbon, nature friendly, socially just Leeds by the 2030s’ by supporting transformative, city-wide community action. The programme aims to ensure that the transition is socially just, co-produced and organised via flat organisational structures and participatory decision making. I am working with CAG Consultants to deseign and deliver an evaluation of the programme over 2021-2025.

​​​​​Industrial Fuel Switching and Hydrogen Storage Evaluation (BEIS)

​This programme aims to develop and demonstrate and reduce the cost of fuel switching and hydrogen production, storage and supply. It is part of  part of the BEIS’ Energy Innovation Programme (EIP) which aims to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and the cost of decarbonisation, by accelerating the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes into the 2020’s and 2030s. I'm working with CAG Consultants to deliver this theory based evaluation during 2020-2023

Theory of Change Tool (DEFRA)

I'm working with Technopolis Ltd and CECAN to produce a bespoke Theory of Change (ToC) tool that is applicable in the complex policy contexts that DEFRA operates in and supporting policy design and the design of complexity sensitve policy evaluations. This project will ultimately enable Defra teams to develop strong frameworks for evidencing the process and impacts of Defra’s programmes, policies and strategies, in line with ith the Public Value Framework and in support of the Defra 25 Year Environment Plan. 

Preventing and Tackling Mental Ill Health through Green Social Prescribing Project Evaluation (DEFRA)

This project is testing how to increase use and connectivity to green social prescribing services in England in order to improve mental health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and reduce demand on the health and social care system. It will also test the role of government in making local systems more resilient and accessible. I'm working with Sheffield Hallam University, University of Sheffield, University of Exeter on this evaluation during 2021-2023.

Modern Energy Partners Evaluation (BEIS)

MEP is a public sector energy innovation programme in collaboration with Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) set up to accelerate deployment of integrated energy efficiency solutions on large public estate sites. It is part of the BEIS’ Energy Innovation Programme (EIP) which aims to support the public sector and the supply chain in the realisation of the Clean Growth Strategy objectives to meet carbon emission reductions targets. I'm working with Technopolis Ltd to evaluate this programme during 2021-22.

Evaluation of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator (SHDF(D)) and Whole House Retrofit (WHR) Programmes (BEIS)

I am working with Technopolis and Ipsos Mori and the Energy Saving Trust as part of the evaluation team for these key BEIS programmes seeking to accellerate national capabilities for cost effective whole house retrofit, whilst promoting economic recovery. The evaluations run from 2021 - 2022.