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Sector experience

With substantive experience of research and evaluation in a wide range of sectors, I bring insights and learning from each to each new assignment...

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Nature and the Environment

2023 Natural England: A literature review on appropriate methodologies to evaluate place-based environmental projects (with ICF)

2023 Natural England: Priority Places Evaluation (with ICF)

2023 Office for Environmental Protection: Mapping government’s actions to deliver Thriving Plants and Wildlife, Project design, Matrix and framework development, Analysis (with ICF)

2021-25 DEFRA: Farming in Protected Landscapes Evaluation (with ICF)

2020-23 DEFRA: Evaluation of DEFRA’s Green Social Prescribing Project (with Universities of Sussex, Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University)

2022-23 Natural England: Development of an Evaluation framework for Defra’s Nature Recovery Network (with ICF). 

2021-22 DEFRA: Evaluation of Defra's Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot (with ICF)

2021 DEFRA: Development of a Theory of Change toolkit; (with Technopolis and CECAN).

Energy and Climate Change

2021-22 BEIS: Modern Energy Partners Evaluation (with Technopolis)

2020-21 Climate Action Leeds: Evaluation of Climate Action Leeds, Evaluation design (with CAG Consulting)

2019-20 BEIS: Senior Evaluation Consultant, Scoping the evaluation of the Whole House Retrofit programme, Evaluation design; qualitative interviews; qualitative data analysis (with Technopolis).

2020-21 BEIS: Senior Evaluation Consultant, Evaluation of the Industrial Fuel Switching and Hydrogen Storage Innovation programmes; Evaluation Design; theory of change (with CAG consultants and Winning Moves). 

Between 2012 and 2016 I was Principal Research Officer, Central Evaluation Team, Department of Energy and Climate Change. I played a key role in building the culture and practice of evaluation at DECC – helping to develop DECC’s capacity and capability for more innovative evaluation approaches and techniques suited to the complex reality of energy and climate change policy. 

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2022-23 Youth Endowment Fund: Evaluation of the Ministry of Justice’s Turnaround Programme

2022 Youth Endowment Fund: Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Fund.  

Health and health services

2021 The Health Foundation:Evaluation of The Health Foundation’s Inclusion and Diversity Panel, (with Community Bridges)

2019 Helpforce and Burdett Foundation for Nursing, Rapid review of the academic literature on volunteering in clinical settings; literature and evidence review

2019 Kings Fund: Rapid review of the academic literature on women and ‘leadership’ in Saudi Arabia

2010 The Health Foundation. Formative evaluation of the Safer Clinical Systems programme

2010 The Health Foundation. Closing the Gap programme evaluation

2006 Department of Health. Literature review on risk and risk management in maternity services (with Matrix Knowledge Group)

2006 NHS Innovation and Improvement. Evaluation of NHS Innovation and Improvement’s work processes (with Matrix Knowledge Group).

2004-06 Department of Health. Lead analyst. What went right? A study of hospital discharge practice in 6 high performing hospitals. 

2006 North and South Essex Mental Health Trusts. Evaluation of the ‘Support, Time and Recovery’ worker role.

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Social prescribing and arts for health

2020-23 DEFRA:Evaluation of DEFRA’s Green Social Prescribing Project; (with Universities of Sussex, Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University)

2008-09 Arts Council England, London. Evaluation of the Taking Part Programme.

2006-09 Isle of Wight NHS.  Evaluation of Time Being Stroke (an arts intervention for hospitalized stroke patients) (with Matrix Knowledge Group)

2006-09 Isle of Wight NHS. Evaluation of Time Being (an arts intervention for people with depression living in the community) (with Matrix Knowledge Group)

2007-09 Isle of Wight NHS. Evaluation of Time Being seven (an arts intervention for children in schools to encourage activity and health weight) (with Matrix Knowledge Group)

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